Ideation Services

Creative Ideation Services

Creative services are available by in house professionals under the direction of the creative director and the customer that include: product design, packaging design, sculpting, mold making, painting and prototyping. Management

Project Management

Each customer is assigned a team to follow the progress of their project from the start to final delivery. Each team consists of at least one merchandiser and their direct supervisor, a quality control specialist and their immediate supervisor, with each member of the team monitoring the progress of the project as it moves through the process. During the process other specialist may be brought in to ensure the end product will meet or exceed the customer’s needs. Control

Quality Control

Every project has a quality control specialist assigned to monitor the manufacturing process. The quality control specialist is present in the factory at strategic points in the process to ensure the product is meeting or exceeding the standards set forth by the customer. If additional monitoring is deemed necessary additional specialist are assigned to the project to ensure quality standards are met.