Articulated and Non-Articulated Figurines

Licensed Articulated and Non-Articulated Figurines

With the ever growing popularity of iconic action heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman, Enseng was approached by several major license holders to produce highly detailed action hero figurines for various markets around the world. This business has grown to include production for virtually every major distributor of action hero figurines in sizes ranging from miniatures to full-body life size pieces. and Board Games

Toys and Board Games

Emerging from the action figure business, board games and miniature figures were added by many licensors to expand their offerings into new markets. To answer this need Enseng assembled two specialized teams, one for action figures and one for board games with each team managing the unique engineering and packaging needs of these items. Replicas and Memorabilia

Prop Replicas and Memorabilia

The movie prop and memorabilia division evolved along with the action figures as license holders saw an opportunity in the market for these products. As this division has grown, Enseng has been at the forefront of developing and producing product for recent blockbuster movies and continues to develop new items for future blockbusters yet to be released. and Souvenir

Giftware and Souvenir

Enseng has built long term relationships with many of the largest gift and souvenir distributors in North America, Europe, and Australia. By developing thousands of exclusive products for these customers over many years, Enseng has played a major role in their ongoing success. Merchandise

General Merchandise

The ever increasing pressure on retailers to be price sensitive gave rise to the direct to retail division of Enseng. By combining long standing factory relationships with in house creative services, Enseng has been able to offer the retail customers exclusive product and packaging at competitive prices.